Leadership, Education, & Development (LEAD) Program

Do you want to make a difference on your campus? 
Are you ready to share your leadership story? 

Are you involved with NACURH and NRHH? 

The LEAD Program promotes and recognizes the outstanding achievement of an individual’s student leadership development throughout their collegiate career.

A person who has completed the LEAD program is said to have earned their "NACURH Links."

We are all LEADers. Start your journey today.

The LEAD Program's content has been recently restructured! If you began the LEAD Program, you may continue on your next level with the restructured program. The Links can be found below. We hope to see you participate!

Questions? Email Nick, the NACURH Corporate Office CO for Resources and Development at nco_resources@nacurh.org. 

Your advisor must approve your submitted Link before it can be approved by the NACURH Corporate Office. Your advisor will receive an email from the NCO with an approval link and then, a follow-up from the NCO once you have been officially approved.

You must submit Links One and Two two weeks prior to your Regional Leadership/Business Conferences to receive your certificate at said conferences. Link Three recipients are awarded at the NACURH Annual Conference annually. If you are not present, a representative from your institution will pick up your certificate.

For inspiration and ideas while working on your Links, check out The Helpful Guide to LEAD (found here)!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can participate in LEAD?

A: Students who live in NACURH-affiliated residence halls are eligible to participate.

Q: Can advisors participate in LEAD?

A: The role of advisors is to oversee their students and confirm that students have completed the necessary requirements to receive their Link.

Q: I am stuck on one of the Link questions. Do you have any advice?

A: Yes! We have created a Helpful Guide to the LEAD (found here) to provide some inspiration and ideas for each question. In addition, please contact the NCO CO for Resources and Development at nco_resources@nacurh.org with any questions!

Q: I have not completed one of the questions in a Link. Can I still submit it?

A: If you submit it without answering one of the responses, it will be returned to you and your submission will be put on hold until you have completed said question.

Q: Do students who complete LEAD receive a pin?

A: Students receive a certificate for completing each of the first two Links. Student receive a pin when all three Links have been completed.

Q: Can my Links be signed by an NCC or NRHH Representative instead of an advisor?

A: Your Link submission form needs to be signed by either an RHA or NRHH advisor or the equivalent.


Q: Can past students participate or only current students?

A: Since the form needs to be signed by either an RHA or NRHH advisor, only current students living in the residence halls of a NACURH-affiliated institution may participate.

Q: Do you have to complete everything in the Link to submit it?

A: Everything in the Link needs to be complete before it is submitted.  The Links must also be completed and approved in order (Link One, Link Two, Link Three).


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