Advisor Retention and Training (ART) Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is ART?

    • Advisor Retention and Training (ART) is an ongoing professional development opportunity for current and emerging advisors to develop skills, connect with other advisors, and equip advisors to create holistic learning environments to empower and motivate students.

  • Who can attend to ART sessions?

    • Although ART sessions were developed for individuals advising student organizations primarily within Housing and Residential Life programs, ART is open to anyone interested in learning more about advising student organizations.

  • Where can I go to attend ART sessions?

    • ART sessions are hosted virtually before and during conferences, as well as outside of "conference season." In-person sessions can be scheduled during in-person conferences. ART sessions are not currently hosted in a hybrid format at this time.

  • How long are ART Sessions?

    • ART sessions are typically one-hour long.

  • Who can present ART Sessions?

    • Individuals who have completed the ART program.

  • Who can I contact regarding ART in my region?

    • The ART webpage has a list of the Regional ART Coordinators that you can contact in order to get more information.

  • Where can I request presentations for my institution?

    • The ART main webpage has an online form to submit campus-level presentation requests. Please allow at least two (2) weeks for submission review and follow-up.

  • What happens after I complete the ART program?

    • You are eligible to facilitate ART, as well as volunteer to further support and develop the ART program through committee and focus group engagement!


  • How do I become eligible to present ART?

    • Attend all sessions and complete experiential credits. The ART Database is the source maintaining advisor ART completion progress. Currently, the database in under review, and correspondence about ART completion progress should be sent to the NACURH ART Consultant until further notice.

  • How long does it take to complete the ART program?

    • Typically 1-2 years depending on session availability and experiential credit completion.


  • How do I log the completion of a session?

    • Submit your completed session information by visiting the ART database and selecting the "Log Completed Milestones" tab in the left navigation plane.

  • How do I log my experiential credits?

    • Personally keep track of your own credits and notify the NACURH ART Consultant of your experiences by emailing

  • Why should I use a Google account?

    • The database is integrated through Google. Having a non-affiliated institution email allows for this information to be usable if you move to another institution.

  • What happens if a session doesn’t show up that I have completed?

    • Please check the "Claim Completed milestones" tab in the left navigation plane. If that does not show, contact the NACURH ART Consultant.


  • What is the ART Standards Committee?

    • The ART Standards Committee is responsible for all operational aspects of ART and maintaining a consistent implementation among participants. The Committee ensures that ART continues to meet the needs of its constituents. The Committee is responsible for reviewing and updating the ART program curricula. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring that ART is an accessible and equivalent experience for participants.

  • How can I join the ART Standards Committee?

    • Email the NACURH ART Consultant at


  • What is the purpose of the ART Pin?

    • To showcase those individuals who have completed the ART program and are eligible to facilitate ART sessions.

  • How do I get the ART Pin?

    • After completing the ART program, you are eligible to purchase the ART Pin.


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