Who Are We?

Hello: Help us learn more about the students that NACURH serves. 

Our students span states and countries across North America and beyond. We come from a variety of institutional types, study a variety of degree programs, hold a variety of identities, and are all passionate about a variety of things. In order to best serve our constituents, its helpful to know who is in the room - we're looking to build up our context so that the content we create is meaningful and helpful to our students.

Stay tuned for more information at your Regional Business Conferences!



Are you a student looking to advance leadership skills in a virtual environment? Are you passionate about your experiences at NACURH Conferences? Have you loved your campus leadership positions in RHA or NRHH? Being a part of NACURH Leadership may be for you. 

NACURH looks for students like you to assist in its advancement each year. Being entirely student run, NACURH depends on the commitment of passionate individuals who care about equipping residential leaders with the skills needed for success.

Higher level involvement in NACURH means gaining experiences in the following areas:

  • Facilitating and presentation skills
  • Communication in a virtual setting
  • Policy writing, editing, and implementation for a large organization
  • Contributing to the management of a non-profit organization
  • Leadership skills 
  • Budget management
  • Large Event/Conference Planning
  • Networking in the field of Student Affairs

For more information on how to get involved in your regional leadership, contact your regional director. 


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